Mister Peebles Papergoods London

Hello from Mister Peebles

Hello! Nice to see you. If you're here for a gander, you'll find behind the scenes things, works in progress, plans for events and lots of animals. (There are plenty of those around here) I'm Helen and I run Mister Peebles. I do all the drawing, packing up orders, emailing, filing and tea making.

Mister Peebles Art Studio Leytonstone London

I work in a studio in Leytonstone, east London. It's a short cycle from my home and I'm lucky to sit by the window, with a very green view. It's a nice leafy corner of the capital and where Alfred Hitchcock was born and raised.

Artist studio space next to window

All our greetings cards, prints and stationery begin life right here as hand drawn watercolour illustrations. I use watercolour paints, along with gouache  and mechanical pencils. Most often I paint with tubes of watercolour as well as watercolour pencils. I love mixing colours together and I find tubes of paint make this easier. I own a lot of shades of brown paint to make fur and feathers.

Watercolour paint tubes and pencils

Painting fur and other textures is something I love to work on, it can be time consuming but it's very satisfying to see the paint building up into something that feels solid and life like. 

Superstar bear illustration work in progress

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